Photos from Seattle’s Opening Day of Boating Season, May 4, 2013

Unlike a lot of areas where nothing can happen until after the spring thaw, boating is a year ‘round activity on Puget Sound. That’s super, but when the season never really closes it can be hard to find an excuse to celebrate the annual opening. Never at a loss of imagination when it comes to planning a party, Seattle area boaters have designated the first Saturday in May as the annual “Opening Day” for boating season.

The date coincides with the historic opening of the Seattle Yacht Club clubhouse on Portage Bay, many years ago. The SYC clubhouse is now on the National Registry of Historic Buildings, and Seattle Yacht Club takes a lead role in designing and organizing annual activities. Other yacht clubs from the area, (notably Queen City and Tyee) participate in hosting visiting boaters and staging celebratory events.

Opening Day activities on the water include the Windermere Cup Regatta, followed by the Opening Day Parade of official and decorated boats.

Chuck Gould, Editor

Pacific Nor’West Boating Magazine


Photography was produced by boatphotos.wordpress.com, c-images.net, and photobymike.com and is copyrighted ©2013 with all rights reserved. Copies of photos for almost any use are available, just ask….


  1. Vafa Fouroohi says:

    Interested to see if you have photos from SOLARA and the scene onboard?

  2. SarahC says:

    Your photos are wonderful! I would love to post a couple of them on my facebook page to share with friends and family. Would this be okay, and how would you like to be credited? Thanks!

  3. DougP says:

    We were the sailboat with the painted sails, surfer Dude on the bow and the Hukilau Hut on the stern. Boat name Tatoosh. Where can I get your pictures of our boat in the parade? You did a nice job on the photo story of the event.

    • Mike says:

      for your personal use you can just drag the photos to your desk top and you will have a copy…

      if you want large files for printing or you want us to print… let me know how many photos and sizes I will get you a price…

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